Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions are listed here, you can visit issue page to see more questions that asked by our users.

Does Srain support Windows?

Yes, please refer to Windows.

What is “relay message transform”?

There are many relay bots forward messages from other IM to IRC network, “Relay message transform” make these messages easier to read.

For example, there is a telegram bot named “telegram”, the words in brackets is the named of the telegram user.


Run command /pattern add normal-relay \[(?<sender>[^:]+?)\] (?<content>.*) and /render telegram normal-relay, you get:


For more details, please refer to commands-pattern and commands-render.

Where are the log files?

Refer to Chat Logs.

How can I send message which has a slash(“/”) prefixed?

Please prepend another slash to the message.

Refer to Syntax.

How can I remove my stored password?

Just leave the password entry empty and check the “Remember password” checkbox before connect to server or join channel, the corresponding password will be removed.

Or you can use secret-tool (provided by libsecret) to manage all your stored passwords.

How can I hide JOIN/PART messages of channel?

So far, Srain has not yet a specialized option for hiding such messages. You can use write regular expression to filter them:

/pattern add filter-join ^\w+ has joined$
/filter filter-join
/pattern add filter-part ^\w+ has left: .*$
/filter filter-part


The content of regular expression depends on your language.

Why can’t I login to my ZNC server?

According ZNC’s FAQ, way 2, supply your “user@phone/network:pass” (without quotes) in the server password field. Other as usual.


Way 1 in ZNC’s FAQ requires username field can be set via connection panel, which will be supported by Srain in the future.