Quick Start


If you are using version 0.06.2 and earlier, please refer to: http://doc.srain.im/en/0.06.2/start.html . Although using earlier version is not recommended.

Start Srain

After the Installation of Srain, you will find Srain in your applications list, if not, just type srain in your shell to run it. Then you will see Srain’s initial interface.


Here is the layout of Srain being used:


Connect to IRC server

freenode is a famous IRC network, the official channel of Srain #srain is also hosted on it. Let’s start by connecting to freenode.

Predefined Server

Since version 0.06.3, Srain has a predefined list of commonly used IRC servers, freenode is one of it. If you want to add server into this list, refer to Preferences Manual.

Click the connection button on the Srain header bar, select the page “Predefined Server”, select the item “freenode” from candidate box with label “Server”, enter your nickname, then click the “Connect” button:


If everything goes well, Srain should connected to freenode, then your would see some message from freenode’s server:


Custom Server

While the server your want to connect to is not listed in the predefined list, switch to the page “Custom Server”, enter the host name, port, and etc.


  • If the port is a TLS port, make sure that the option “Use secure connection” is checked.
  • If the server’s certificate is untrusted and you insist on continuing, check the option “Do not verify certificate”.

Then click the “Connect” button:


Using Command

Refer to /server and /connect.

If you want to automatically execute commands at each time Srain starts, please refer to Context.

Join Channel

After connecting to freenode, now let’s try to join #srain, the official channel of Srain.

Directly Join

While your has a clear channel to join, such as #srain, just click the join button, select the page “Join Channel”, enter the channel name in the input entry with label “Channel”, then click the “Join” button:


Now you should joined the channel:


Search Channel

While you don’t know the exact name of the channel, click the join button, switch to page “Search Channel”, click the button with a “refresh” icon, Srain should start receiving channel list from server:


Then you can enter the keyword or specify the filter conditions to search channel. For example we enter “sra”, select the channel you want to join from channe list, then click “Join” button:



If the channel requires a join password, try double click the row of channel.

Using Command

Refer to /join.